ATW specialises in technical documentation.

Australian Technical Writing Pty Ltd is a consultancy that provides specialist technical writing solutions for your business.

Our emphasis is on service and quality at competitive rates. Our experience encompasses the development of a wide variety of documents for customers.


 Australian Technical Writing Pty Ltd understands industry; we know the type of information maintainers, operators, technicians, and engineers want; we know how to deliver clear, concise and unambiguous information that maintainers, operators, technicians, and engineers will use and understand.

Established by Roger and Val Randall in 1995, Australian Technical Writing specialises in engineering technical writing, editing, proof reading, documentation gap analysis and audit, and document design.  Our work is solely based in Australasia’s heavy industry and resources sector, with maintenance documentation being our core business.

Roger, our senior technical writer, has worked as an electrical tradesman, foreman/supervisor, maintenance planner, workplace trainer and technical writer since 1978.  Due to Roger's breadth of exposure, we understand and can work with the fundamentals of many processes.

We can also provide the services of a talented editor and auditor.  Val has been working in the resources sector, writing and proofing documentation, editing and auditing documents since 2001. She has a meticulous eye for detail, and her particular talents lie in being able to translate poor writing into excellent, well-written plain English.  If you have documents which do not read well, or are unclear due to the style in which they are written, Val can help you by turning them into a valuable resource.

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Then let ATW assist you.  As we all know, with economic rationalisation, companies can end up without the resources necessary to meet targets.   ATW can assist by allowing your staff to concentrate on their core functions, while ATW quietly and efficiently completes your documentation project.

See the Services page for an overview of some of the things we can do for you.

Give your company a chance to benefit from our wide experience, and excellent service.

We will impress you.

Australian Technical Writing

Clarity and Logic

We focus on providing clarity, ensuring logic and reducing complexity in order to convey technical concepts without any loss of meaning.

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